Planta de Tratamiento de agua El Chiflador, Marcala, La Paz, HondurasPlanta de Tratamiento de agua El Chiflador, Marcala, La Paz, Honduras

Monitoring is being done twice a week chlorine in the water treatment plant The Chiflador, benefiting a total of 18.138 inhabitants consume water quality in our city, the population is happy about the collaboration that is provided by IRWA ADEC and the role that technicians play.

This day I found 1.5 ppm / L of chlorine in the water and this is the right amount of residual chlorine in drinking water… [More]

Chinacla, La Paz, Honduras Chinacla, La Paz, Honduras

Monitoring was conducted monthly chlorine and obtained the same result, that the water is chlorinated seal properly and this is to have a positive impact on the population and they are eating good quality water and being willing to make recommendations ADEC technicians.Se realizó el monitoreo de cloro  mensual y obtuvimos  del mismo como  resultado; que la junta de agua esta clorando correctamente… [More]

Yarula, La Paz, Honduras Yarula, La Paz, Honduras

Monthly monitoring was conducted in this community chlorine in order to help continuously monitor they are using chlorine to disinfect water, as the community the positive results being willing to do the technical recommendations of ADEC, on the importance of treatment of drinking water.Se realizo el monitoreo mensual de cloro en esta comunidad con el objetivo de ayudar a vigilar permanentemente… [More]