[:en]Santa Ana River Study[:es]Estudio del río Santa Ana[:]

[:en]Last week, Circuit Riders, Elias, Carlos and Isai visited the community of Santa Ana, La Paz, Honduras. They were accompanied by Jose De La Paz Chicas. Jose is a community member of Santa Ana, as well as the plumber for the water tank. The purpose of their visit was to gather information about the community river. In taking measurements of the river flow, and the amount of water in a certain area,… [More]

[:en]Activities of the first semester by the Technician in charge of Health, Hygiene and Laboratory, Oneida Lara.[:es]Actividades del primer semestre del Tecnico en Salud, Higiene y Laboratorio, Oneida Lara.[:]

[:en]From January to July of the ongoing year, Oneida Lara has performed a series of activities which include:

  • 16 School Gardens, distributed at school in the municipalities of Santa Elena, Yarula and Marcala, benefitting around 1,000 boys and girls with healthy food.
  • Imparted training regarding topics such as personal hygiene, proper use of latrines, the washing of hands and solid wastes,