Proposed Project This project provide a supply of drinkable water to the community of Santa Cruz Virginia, Copan Ruins. Clean water is much needed component of disease prevention, good health and quality of life that the residents of this community currently lack due to their extreme poverty. They simply do not have the financial resources to provide even this basic necessity for their households. Currently the members of the community obtain their water from nearby streams and transport it back to their community by hand in buckets. The potable water will be transported from  a distribution box located in San Miguel Virginia community through a pipeline , the drinking water will be stored in a tank of 10,000 galons to be built and ultimately the drinking water will be distributed to connections at each household. This project will benefit more than 50 families. Many children are the direct beneficiaries. Progress on the Construction of the Rotary Project Santa Cruz Virginia / Copan Ruinas 731465 On Monday, September 1st, materials arrived (pipe, cement, brick, iron rod, etc.) for the water project in the community of Santa Cruz Virginia. The labor agreement between the Copan Ruinas Rotary Club and the community of Santa Cruz Virginia was also signed. On Friday, September 5th, we will start to make trenches for the conduction line.